Above: theCHARLI Mural

Artist : Madelyne Joan Templeton

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theCHARLI Mural | The Inspiration

Aug 18, 2021

by Ashlee Byrge


A mural is a piece of art painted on a permanent surfaces. A distinguishing characteristic of a mural is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture. As if theCHARLI didn't have enough distinguishing features, muralist Madelyne Joan Templeton has added one more.

Left: theCHARLI Mural

Photo by Malissa Mabey

This has been the largest scale mural Madelyne has done to date. Painting a piece this large brought different challenges such as time management, working along side other contractors, and adjusting to the rapid changes of the weather. "The opportunity of creating something of this scale to fit the unique landscape and community of Salt Lake City was an honor."

When thinking about this project Madelyne focused on a previous series of paintings she had done where she explored the feeling of home. "The blanket has always represented a sense of comfort and safeguard from our surroundings, it provides reassurance and warmth. Everyone has their own version or a favorite object that holds a strong feeling of home. I wanted my design to bring to mind that sense."


"Being part of this project has been the best experience of my Artistic career, the people I have met in the process of completing this project have left such a positive impact in my life. This experience has given me the confidence to keep pushing my art in the public sector beautifying community’s and bringing people together."

Madelyne has created a piece of art that will be a landmark on the Salt Lake City skyline for many years to come.

You can find Madelyne on Instagram @madelynejt

For more information about theCHARLI visit thecharlislc.com