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COVID-19 Showing Precautions

April 02, 2020
By Abbie Wardle

COVID-19 Showing Precautions

We are committed to making your home shopping experience as convenient and as safe as possible during these times of uncertainty. Here are some of the extra precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of you and our team members.

  • Pre-screening questions: Before any scheduled showing, we will reach out to our visitors to gather their recent travel history and make sure they or anyone close to them are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Frequent sanitation of homes: We are working diligently to keep our homes sanitized by wiping down frequently touched surfaces after all showings and again every hour.
  • COVID-19 guideline signage: All of our homes have signage posted on and around their communities warning people who are experiencing symptoms to go home.
  • Verbal greetings: Our sales team is instructed to provide verbal greetings to all visitors upon arrival and explain the CDC guidelines and strict social distancing protocols.
  • Provided sanitary items: We will provide gloves, disinfecting wipes, and disinfecting soap to all visitors. All visitors will be required to wash their hands with a disinfecting soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • Sales team health and hygiene: Any and all sales team members experiencing symptoms of any kind related to COVID-19 will be instructed to stay home and will not be available for showings. Our sales team is instructed to wash their hands with disinfecting soap and warm water for 20 seconds at least once an hour and practice strict social distancing in their personal lives.
  • Virtual tours: If at any time you are experiencing symptoms, or do not feel comfortable visiting one of our homes, we will be more than happy to offer a FaceTime or Zoom walkthrough tour.

Thank you for your understanding. The health of you, your families, and our team members are our #1 priority.